PhD defence Ching Hung, Nov 13 2019

November 13 2019, Ching Hung will defend his PhD dissertation “Design for Green: ethics and politics for behavior-steering technology”. In his dissertation, he examines the limits of liberalism to deal with environmental problems. By means of an original and unorthodox combination of insights from the work of Skinner and of Popper, combined with a detailed analysis of the structure of human-technology relations, Ching Hung arrives at interesting and innovative proposals to design our material world in a new, green way. More information:

Global Forum on AI for Humanity

Oct 28-30 2019, there will be a Global Forum on AI for Humanity (GFAIH) in Paris. Several members of the UNESCO World Commission for the Ethics of Science and Technology will attend the meeting. The event takes place in the context of the forthcoming organisation of a Global Partnership on AI (GPAI), as decided at the last G7 summit. It will serve as the formal launch pad for GPAI and will inform GPAI Working Groups’ future agenda. More information:

UNESCO side event on the Ethics of AI

At Oct 18 2019, 13h00 – 14h30, during the meeting of the UNESCO Executive Council, The Netherlands Permanent Delegation at UNESCO is organizing a side-event on the ethics of artificial intelligence, with a special focus on education. Opening speakers will be Dutch Ambassador Hans Wesseling, Dutch Minister of Education Ingrid van Engelshoven, UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay. Presentations by Inge Molenaar (Educational Science, Radboud University) and Peter-Paul Verbeek (University of Twente).

More information: unesco_side_event.pdf

(Dutch) 21 November 2019: bekendmaking laureaten Spinozalens 2019-2020

Op 21 november aanstaande – rond de geboortedag van Spinoza –  vindt in Amsterdam de bekendmaking van de laureaten van de Spinozalens 2019-2020 plaats: één voor een levende en één voor een dode denker. De prijzen staan dit keer in het teken van technologie. In toenemende mate stellen technologische ontwikkelingen ons voor complexe morele en existentiële vragen. Kan technologie ons helpen om duurzaamheid te bevorderen? Op welke manier kan ze bijdragen aan ons geluk? In hoeverre bedreigt zij onze privacy en hoe erg is dat?

Voor de Spinozalensronde 2019-2020 bestaat de jury uit:

  • Herman Wijffels (voorzitter)
  • Damiaan Denys
  • Katleen Gabriëls
  • Karen Maex
  • Peter Paul Verbeek
  • Meer informatie: