Connecting the Dots: conference of the Dutch Council for the Environment and Infrastructure

Friday Jan 30, 2015: Connecting the dots – an online interactive conference on technology, environment and infrastructure.

Drones, 4D printing, DNA-sequencing, lab-on-a-chip, synthetic biology and artificial intelligence are just a few examples of disruptive innovations in food, mobility and buildings. They will inevitably interact, creating new dynamics and challenging society and governments. But what exactly are these challenges, and will we be able to adapt to them? Can we proactively leverage technology to help us cope with major societal and environmental issues?

You can join the conference whenever you like. Choose which talk of your favourite speakers you wish to follow and return to this website January 30. No password needed.

Speakers: André Kuipers, Kent Larson, Jaap Seidell, Bryant Walker Smith, Carlota Perez

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