Postphenomenological Investigations: Essays on Human-Technology Relations (Eds. Robert Rosenberger and Peter-Paul Verbeek, Lexington Books, 2015)


The Moral Status of Technical Artefacts. (Eds. Peter-Kroes and Peter-Paul Verbeek, Springer 2014)


Moralizing Technology: Understanding and Designing the Morality of Things (University of Chicago Press, Aug 2011)

*** for reviews click here ***


What Things Do:
Philosophical Reflections on Technology, Agency, and Design (2005)
*** for reviews click here ***


User Behavior and
Technology Development:

Shaping Sustainable Relations between Consumers and Technologies (2006)






Op de vleugels van Icarus: hoe techniek en moraal met elkaar meebewegen. (Lemniscaat, 2014)


De grens van de mens: over techniek, ethiek en de menselijke natuur (Lemniscaat, 2011, 2nd printing 2011)


De Daadkracht der Dingen:
Over techniek, filosofie, en vormgeving (2000; 4th printing 2007)

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