Video talks

Lecture on the Fourth Revolution, Society 5.0 and the Future of Work:

Cyborg Futures: lecture and discussion on human-technology relations and inclusiveness

TEDx Talk: Moralizing Technology and the Ethics of Things (English)

Lecture ‘Science, Ethics, and Responsibility’ (opening keynote, World Science Forum Budapest 2019)

Democracy and the Geopolitics of Technology: public lecture, hosted by the Techno-Anthropology & Participation Research Group at Aalborg University Copenhagen (20 April 2018):

Lecture ‘Ethics by Design? On Value Sensitive Design and Moral Mediation’, Trinity College Dublin, 22nd June 2016.

Studium Generale Nijmegen: interview with Don Ihde (English)

UNESCO movie on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

Animation Explaining Technological Mediation

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