lecture at conference ‘Materiality and Agency’: Anthropological, Archaeological, and Philosophical Perspectives

December 1–5, 2020, 3 to 6 pm: conference ‘Materiality and Agency: Anthropological, Archaeological, and Philosophical Perspectives’, University of Cologne (Organizers: Thiemo Breyer & Niklas Grouls)

The conference reflects upon materiality and agency as two interrelated concepts in the study of human development, culture, and cognition. It provides a platform for critically assessing and evaluating crucial terminologies and notions in the fields of philosophy, anthropology, and archaeology. Whereas archaeology depends on material remains of past societies, on the basis of which patterns of agency can be reconstructed, anthropology investigates the observable agency of individuals and groups in their cultural embedding. One important aspect of such anthropological inquiry is the interconnection of human activity with the environment and material objects. Insofar as human agency responds to ecological demands and utilizes materiality to form cultural artefacts, both concepts – agency and materiality – can be regarded as correlates on a theoretical level. More information: https://www.sfb806.uni-koeln.de/index.php/42-news/latest/989-materiality-and-agency-anthropological-archaeological-and-philosophical-perspectives